Tuesday, February 26, 2013

President's Day Dinner

For dinner on President's Day we had a special meal. I took some pictures so that we will always remember it. We hope you enjoy this punny little idea. Take it if you'd like. Fly with it!

Yes. Millard Fillmore. He was a president.

This was my favorite of the night.

Who doesn't love a few Teddy Grahams?!

We also had some of Garfield's lasagna.

 It was a night filled with delightful tastes! And lots of gratefulness for the great country we live in. Hooray for the USA!


  1. Haha, that was totally weird to see my last name on the first pic... and then i read what it was for. How are you? Will is so adorable. I want he and E to have a play date!

  2. Still love this.
    And I WILL call you back. I want to talk to you.

  3. You are too clever for you own good. Oh man...I miss my roommate and I hope that Eric is thoroughly appreciating you cause if not I call dibs!